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Who Is Quarterbacking Your Team?

Every team requires a leader who will go the extra mile to do the work when others don't have anymore to give or will motivate those who need the extra push to do more than their self-imposed limits.  This leader is respected more often than liked and attracts others to be their best and contribute what is necessary to make the team successful.  The team leader is much like American football's quarterback.  

The quarterback is the most important person on the team because he provides leadership, direction, support, resiliency, and ambition that is needed to persevere through obstacles of the game.  The quarterback is the cheerleader who provides the moral support to the other members of the team when they feel as though their mistakes or inabilities to make the plays contributed to a loss.  The quarterback is the person who takes the hit for the team and blames himself if everyone did not perform well.  The quarterback or leader for any team should have these four qualities:

1. Respectful

Respect and admiration of those being led to ensure what is asked is done and expectations are exceeded - inherently forcing others to rise to the occasion to make the team successful by doing more than what is requested by the job title.

2. Altruistic 

Selflessness to take responsibility for the faults and drawbacks of the team with the focus being on how to improve with existing teammates rather than trying to start over with new personnel to make exciting moves to cause corporate buzz.

3. Empathetic 

Empathy as a part of servant leadership to walk in others' shoes to understand their emotions and plights and work to resolve issues rather than close the doors of communication in judgment putting ego aside and others first including the organization.

4. Strong Character 

Unquestionable character that can hold up to any test where the reputation - in-person and online - is solid and there are no indiscretions that would embarrass the team or the organization.

Now is a good time to evaluate the team you created and determine just who is quarterbacking the team and if there needs to be a change in order to obtain success. For more tips follow me on Twitter


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