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Building a Future While Balancing the Present

Entering into another year always causes some career versus potential introspection. It is the normal time of the year to reflect on what has been done in the past years, the progress or regression along the career path and the reality of a future as it relates to the existing employer or client or the potential to do more and be better. The good news is that you possess the ability to direct where your career will begin or end if you properly balance the existing survival in the workplace with the tasks required to build a future elsewhere.

Delegate The Now.  

Most of what is done in an existing job is routine and can be done on auto-pilot. Delegate the small tasks to free up time to focus on the next career move. Send others to meetings for you and have them distribute meeting minutes. Catch up later and be persistent about pursuing the next career choice.

Set aside time  

In order to get to a destination, time must be allotted for the travel. Identify 2 - 3 hours/day to research, study, intern, highlight strengths and weaknesses as it applies to the future job, or conduct informational interviews with individuals in the desired industry. Block out personal appointments on your work calendar for lunch or multiple breaks in the day to take a walk or sit in the car and plan what is necessary to do to reach your potential.

Limit the distractions 

Successful people work towards the goal without a lot of noise from others in the background. Tell only the people who can help you make the change. There is no need to tell everyone including family and friends your aspirations if they are not in the position to help you get there. If validation is desired, there is a bigger problem that a new career can't fix.

Train Yourself to Need Less Sleep 

It's great that 8-10 hours of sleep is the recommended sleep duration. However, time cannot be turned back to give a second chance to complete tasks not done due to procrastination. Learn to take an hour less of sleep time, if necessary, to do an internship, be mentored or work on the attributes that are required for the next position.

Published on December 11, 2015

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