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A Respectful Climb Up the Corporate Ladder

A sense of purpose for many is driven by the title or position held within a company.  For others, it may be derived based on the ability to provide for others and afford the desired necessities and niceties. Either way the road to the next promotion or pay grade takes determination and requires the ability to make others notice.  However, demonstrating skills as the difference maker does not require power struggles, coercion and unsettling tactics to climb the corporate ladder.  It can be done respectfully when keeping two goals in mind.

Maintain relationships.  Everyone plays a part in the success of an organization.  No one knows it all and eventually help will be needed.   The persons you thought you would need the least may be the ones that can help you the most in your next position. Strengths resonate vividly.  Display your skills without directly exaggerating others' weaknesses.  

Demonstrate trustworthiness.   The work environment requires getting tasks done mostly with the assistance of others.   Trust fosters cooperation, teamwork and commitment to the excellence of the organization and others.  Just like in any personal relationship, trust broken cannot be rebuilt.  Underhanded schemes and secret initiatives focused on showing how inept others are will obliterate trust and cause people to not want to work with or for you.  Highlight key capabilities the old-fashioned honorable way by working hard, producing undeniable results, and making sound judgment on what battles should be fought.

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