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Email Distribution Gone Bad


There's always that one person who can't get enough of copying (cc'ing) the universe on what he/she feels is important.  The email is sent and anyone who knows the answer feels obligated to respond and cc the universe again.  But it never stops there because someone else on the email distribution list is asked a question or instructed to perform some task.  That person must respond or look lazy or incompetent. Just how do you end the cycle of an email distribution gone bad?

1)  Remove individuals from the email who will have little to no impact.  Erase people from the distribution list who can not take action, make a decision, or will not be affected by the looming action or decision.  This eliminates cluttered inboxes and decreases the likelihood of the email being overlooked or outright ignored because it is from the normal sender.  This also makes you look like the hero because you are perceived as valuing others' time.

2)  Invite relevant parties to a meeting to discuss the topic.  Alert everyone on the distribution list that there will be a formal discussion and an invite will be sent to a streamlined group of participants.

3)  Call the sender and ask politely for him to put an end to the email thread.  Yes, old fashion communication, pick up the phone and talk to the person who might be starting confusion with all the emails. 

And if all else fails, set a filter for the email topic and have it go to a folder called RIDICULOUS and read it at your leisure when you want a good laugh.

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