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Entrepreneur or Not: There's Always a Boss

You have worked for a company for years.  You know how to organize, plan, and make smarter decisions than the people in control at your employer.  You are tired of taking direction from leadership who have less experience or are using nepotism that is threatening the success of the company.  You have had enough and decided to start your own company.  But hopefully, it is not for the wrong reason - to be your own boss.

The biggest misnomer of owning a business is that you are your own boss.  That is so far from the truth.  Entrepreneurship requires getting along with and relating to more people to keep the lights on, generate revenue, create the product, offer the service, and pay the staff.   

Business-to-Business (B2B) models provide a product/service to another business through a contractual relationship.  In this business arrangement, there will be key stakeholders who must approve of what is expected to be delivered.  They can request a change, ask for more, modify production or work schedules that may/may not be within reason.  Either way their acceptance of what your company provides determines if and when you get paid.  And if there are contracts with multiple companies, there are multiple bosses.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) models presume every customer is a boss because they are always right.  There is a lot of pleasing to do here.  You must learn to remove the emotion out of the responses and make sure a smile is on your face.  Without the customer, there are no sales and obviously, no business.  Even the most difficult customers require patience and understanding.  Sometimes you will have to provide a discount in order to wrong a right.

The longevity of your business and the staff's livelihood depend on your ability to be humble enough to take direction from these bosses.  The autonomy you think you have as an entrepreneur is really about time.  Take days off or close the office whenever you like.  But every great entrepreneur knows that the quality provided to the bosses enhances the reputation and increases the bottom line.  That is not a 9-5 5 day/week 4-week vacation lifestyle; it is a 24/7 mindset until you are making money while you're sleeping.

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