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Power Down the Lights on Poor Customer Experience

Whether a business owner or employee for a huge enterprise, it is quite humiliating when customers complain about the product or service offered.   Even if the complaints are warranted, it is even worse when customer service is so scripted that the customer cannot get the problem resolved.  This sparks frustration that can morph into bigger problems for the business – bad press through word-of-mouth and social media.

So how do you power down the big noise?
  • Acknowledge the customer’s issue as a serious issue.  If it is ignored or downplayed, the frustration levels grow higher and the negative backlash will increase.  Set up a time for a chat session or discussion with a seasoned customer service individual with common sense.  Reaching out to the customer shows concern and willingness to resolve the issue.
  • Have a senior customer service representative or manager respond.  Dumb questions from the junior person or overseas operator will only exacerbate the problem.   Senior personnel should know how to do the best research and also have the ability to override charges, provide discounts, or escalate where necessary for the quickest possible solution.
  • Send a thank you letter/email/tweet from the business.  Appreciation speaks volumes to any customer, especially the one who has not had a good experience.  If a discount is available, offer it without being asked for it. 
Everyone learns from the misfortunes of poor quality in product and customer service.  However the difference in keeping the customer and having to put out bad publicity fires relies on the ability to quiet the complaints before they spiral out of control.  When in doubt, always remember – “A good paying customer of one company can easily move on to be a higher revenue customer of the competition.”

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