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Productive Telecommuting for Cloud Teams

Temeko Richardson
Working from Anywhere - Planes and the Cloud -
There is a lukewarm feeling that old-school employers get when they see people who work for them.  Teleconferences and videoconferencing just does not give them the warm and fuzzy that work is still being completed when the calls are no longer active. However in a technologically advanced world where most job functions can be handled in the cloud (offsite with login credentials), the work environment of old falls short on increasing productivity, especially with workforce newcomers who are attached to social networking.

Here's why:
1). Most companies bombard consultants and employees with so many meetings that work does not get done until after the workday in the office.   If meetings were condensed to fit on two days/week for people to attend in person, the rest of the telecommuting week can be focused on deliverables. 
2). People are usually more motivated to work when they are in essence making more money - spending less on public transportation fares or fuel.  The use of less office space and transportation expenses is more cost-effective for the company and worker, respectively.
3). The ability to share data and documents at any time removes the frustration of not knowing team members' contributions at any given time. There is ultimately no difference between uploading documents to an internal document management site (Sharepoint or Documentum) than using cloud storage (Google Docs or Skydrive).  Of course, people offsite can connect via VPN if there are strict security policies. 
4). If a trust a person who meets deadlines with quality work when physically present, the hard work that garnered the trust will not dissipate because he is offsite.  Micromanaging the presence of this employee will put him on defense and not liked to work remotely.
Learn to let go of the old style of work as we transcend into the cloud technology era. Telecommuting and streamlining office presence increases the productivity and keeps the creativity flowing for a better environment overall. 

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