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Blackberry 10 - Loss or Win?

Blackberry 10

Enterprise Blackberry device customers all over the world have been eagerly awaiting a new and exciting one that offers the same security and user-friendliness with a lot more bells and whistles to the camera, speed, and availability of commonly used applications.  January 30 was our date to revel in the excitement of the latest version that was sure to increase market share and give the the iOS and Android markets a run for their money. Well from the looks of it, they will have a marginal win!

  1. The Blackberry 10 has a great type ahead feature that I will be sure to use because the Apple devices are not smart enough to decipher expected words, especially for fast typers.
  2. Blackberry also purchased and developed the QNX operating system which provides more security than it already had. Enough said for enterprise and government officials that want to be as hackproof as possible. 
  3. The camera is by far better quality than its competitors, offering TimeShift, which allows you to take pictures in succession and use people's faces from any point-in-time without changing the picture. You can use the proper facial expression or the best smile at any time without having to retake pictures.
  4. The video camera is plain sick with its ability to make adjustments to light and contrast.  More importantly, it allows you to change the volume, modify the length, put different settings behind separate clips, and just be a video editor extraordinaire with little training. 
Hey, I thought we were the forward thinking country and received everything first. I guess not since the UK received it last week and is giving rave reviews. So now we await the dates to purchase in the US to see if it really wins us over

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