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Get Noticed to Remove Doubt
Let's face itNot too many people are comfortable leaving a company and starting new somewhere else.  Many of you are happy with your commute, peers, working teams, and environment but are eager for that next promotion.  But who really knows about you?  Does this lack of popularity cast doubt on your abilities?

If you are the silent worker who does not complain and completes all your assigned tasks without a whimper, chances are you will be looked over for key promotionsI am not saying that you should be the hot topic on the hallway walks, Starbucks run, or smoke break but your name should be memorable.

Here's what you can do to persuade management that you are a valuable resource:
  1. Ask for assignments that are either outside of your department or at least require another manager's input.  This shows that you are willing to take on a challenge and do something different.  It demonstrates that you are not about the status quo and are eager to learn.
  2. Leave time in your busy schedule to research market trends that relate to your assignments.  Incorporate these findings into your deliverables or create white papers that are publishable on the company Intranet.
  3. Request assignments that require more than 2 people and convince management that you can handle it yourself.  Report status on the assignment and your contributions to immediate management and the project team.  Get involved in all aspects of a difficult project to ensure you are involved and/or aware about the decision making processes.
  4. Create and/or update your LinkedIn profile.   Point out all the key qualities and capabilities developed throughout your career.  Obtain references from people outside of the company for which you currently work.  Remember to not "connect" with people inside of your existing company because this exercise is about demonstrating your outside worth.
Start with these four tips and your name will be broadcasted as a motivated contributor and team player with extreme value to your group.  That's right where you want to be for the promotion or a transfer to another department.

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