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Are You Techno Savvy Enough?


Whether your workplace is a corporate setting, academia, or your own business, having a grasp on technology is a must.  Interoffice mail and the United States Postal Service is a thing nearing the past.  If it is not electronic, it is too time-consuming.  No longer are the days where you check emails once a week and expect for your peers, management, customers, or vendors to be satisfied.   You don't have to purchase every new electronic device but are some key ones that can increase your techno savviness.

1)  Make sure you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone to reply to emails at a specific time of the day.  This does not have to be the latest iPhone or tablet.  If you do not want to be perceived as easily accessible, do not associate a tablet or smartphone to the company's email system.  Use the company laptop.  If you want to consistently be interrupted throughout the day to feel important, set the stage that text messages and emails will be answered after or before meetings only.
2)  Be Your Own Hotspot.  Never rely solely on public Internet access to handle your work.  There will be times where it is against corporate policy to use free Internet access to VPN into the corporate network.  There may also be times that you are traveling and are required to locate that important document or create some deliverable on the company network.  All of the major wireless carriers offer hotspot devices for a monthly charge.  Clear offers the cheapest plan to date with no data download limitations.
3)  Remain Portable.  Never leave home without an external hard drive that is portable on a key chain or as a "passport" device.  There is no need to only store documents on a corporate network.  Save them on a portable drive that can be used on both MAC and PCs.  This is definitely where all of your personal documents should go as well.  WD and Seagate are two of the most frequently used ones that do not require formatting to use on both MAC and PCs.

It does not take much to be techno savvy so start today!

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