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What Will You Do To Get Ahead?

Ah!  Sick of your current role?  Looked over for a promotion? Told that you are not ready for a promotion?  You are in luck. Here are the dos and donts of moving to the next level.
1). Do meet with your immediate manager and ask for a list of areas to improve. Create an action plan to increase your skillet and strengthen your weak areas.
2). Do ask peers and other management their professional opinions of you. Only ask people that have no vested interest in theirownpersonal agenda to climb the corporate ladder.   Make necessary adjustments to attitude and cooperative behavior.
3). Do ask for high profile projects/tasks that provide high visibility to external partners and other departments. You never know where your next opportunity will be and it helps to have alliances in more than one area.
4). Do ask for one-on-ones with your management to gauge how well you are improving his perception.  Remember perception is reality when it is promotion time.

And here is what you should never do if you want to be respected and trusted:
1). Don't take credit for other people's work.  The truth will come out eventually when you are asked to perform at the same level for another task. No one will want to help you.
2). Don't denigrate others or "throw people under the bus" to make yourself look good. It is unprofessional and immature. Protect your peers and subordinates at all cost.
3). Don't take over work assigned to another person to show that you have it under control. If you want to shine, act like a team player or ask for your own assignment to be a individual contributor.
4). Don't partner or fellowship with other untrusted persons. Birds of a feather normally flock together and you will be judged by the company you keep.
5). Don't forget to look outside the company.  You are valued most elsewhere if you are talented.  Management usually takes the good people for granted.  There is a saying about the well running dry.  Believe it!

Devise your plan and move ahead to not only get to the next level but maintain your integrity, confidence, and relationships for the long haul. And I strongly believe anyone reading this blog only wants to be promoted with this kind of respect.

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