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Reflect and Dissect

As we enter a New Year, it is important to be honest with ourselves about why we missed the mark on our career goals.  If a promotion or raise was given to someone else that was less deserving than you, it is time to seriously evaluate the true reasons instead of fooling yourself for another year. It is time to reflect and dissect what happened last year to make sure you do not make the same mistakes in the new year.

1). Are you complacent with your business life?  Sometimes we hold ourselves back from better opportunities because we like the mundane of repeating the same tasks over again. It becomes second nature.  We know what we are doing, who we have to deal with, and who we report to and we do not have to change.
2). Are you afraid of challenges?  Change requires a transformation of the mind not just the tasks.  If you keep believing a new opportunity is too hard for you, it will be difficult because of your mindset not because it actually is. Learning something new is a requirement for people with goals.
3). Did you give your best?  This is tricky because the answer to this question is both self-evaluation and others' perception of you. Only you know if you put in only what was required or a lot more to get the job done.  If you are getting in late to the office and completing all your work, others may not perceive you as a hard worker. If you handle conflict yourself with calmness and no need for management escalation but your peer requires escalation, you may be perceived as not icing your best.
4). Do you work with and for blockers or haters?  Who are the individuals that are praised and promoted around you?  Are these the ones that complain all the time? Do these people constantly promote their work to management?  Are these people always discussing how hard they work?  If management promotes and/or protects this group, they will always be favored.  There is nothing that can be done to win favor and it is time to move on.

It is a new year and time to make wiser decisions. Get in gear and dissect what happened last year, evaluate, and take action to make this year work or you. 

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