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Mini MAC or Maxi Productivity Jack

I just purchased my new mini iPad with no wait in line and I have not seen an increase in productivity.  In fact, it has jacked my productivity namely because of 4 reasons:
1). I am a fast keyboard typer and the lack of a keyboard is extremely limiting to my speed of getting things done. 
2). I do more than put together presentations, documents, and spreadsheets.  Therefore the AppStore applications that can be used to create these documents are not enough for my technical work.
3). I don't browse the Internet and read email all day. Setting aside time to answer emails makes for a more productive day rather than allowing intermittent interruptions that thwart my focus. 
4). Mini is better than the full device because of convenience but the lack of ability to save on a thumb drive, charge other peripheral devices, develop code, create or edit graphics, or read advanced documents in Visio is beyond limiting for those that are on the go and need to transfer data between devices.
In summary, it does not make me more productive. It is great for watching video but that is not my purpose in any area of my life but I at least look cool.

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