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Email R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Today I witnessed an email exchange between so-called managers and their respective management.  I was floored to see how management supported a culture of disrespect in written communication regardless of the politics involved.

Please help in mind the following when you are responding to email:
1). Know the recipients. The people copied on the email will quickly form an opinion of your ability to provide a level-headed response.
2). Never respond quickly on your smartphone or iPad.  It is better to properly prepare your answer than to rush to respond and be perceived as one that just reacts.
3).  Watch your language and connotations.  No one should ever be spoken to in a disrespectful tone. State facts like data, dates, and other documented items.  Any mention of near profane words including "heck, darn, etc." should be avoided.  This shows a disrespect for not only the individual but also the other recipients.
4). If you are the manager of someone that is misusing and abusing email, correct it before it gets out of hand.  Address the issue before it is blown out of proportion and you too lose your credibility.

Stop, listen, read, breathe, obtain facts, and get a Starbucks tea before you respond.

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