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MACnificent PC File Transfer

Finally we have a dual operating system organization - MACs and PCs can speak the same language when exchanging files.  While the marketing and graphic design employees usually like to perform work on MAC and the developers and executives function mostly on the PCs, there is a common exchange that can happen without additional gadgets, hardware, and network drives.  All good for those that also use the iPads, iPod, and Surface tablets.

I had graphics, image, and movie files created for our business blogs by an editor that only uses a Mac.  Due to the nature of the continual missed deliverables, a change was due for a new editor. How was I going to upload the 26GB files at 959kbps to the ftp site before the next day?  Not happening.   The estimated time for completed transfer was 6 days.  How was I going to get the files on the small Passport drive on my PC because I do not have nor want a MAC?   Here I go traipsing the Internet to find something to rescue me, the tech geek, out of this phenomenon.

HFSExplorer it is! 

I downloaded this freeware on my PC and it rocked.  It automatically detected the externally formatted MAC hard drive and gave me an option to extract the files to any location on my PC as well as my Seagate passport drive that works for both PCs and MACs.  I tapped the Extract button and VOILA the files are officially on a handy portable drive that can be viewed in both operating systems.  From MACnificent to PC it is!

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