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It's Raining Savings In the Cloud

In the midst of economic uncertainty or modest revenue gains, strategic methods of savings are important to leaders. The CIO is put in a position to review IT costs and cut expenses while keeping the business operational and transparent with improved tracking. Cloud computing is the phenomenon that is shifting organizations from developing, servicing and supporting business functional systems to analyzing, developing, and allowing externally hosted solutions. Why is the shift to cloud computing moving swiftly? It is a viable option that can “rain” savings and provide the most value to any organization.

Cloud computing is the latest trend in Total Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) because it streamlines software, hardware, and/or development to an off-site location hosted by reputable vendors. The services offered by reputable vendors like Oracle (including SUN), Google,, Amazon, and Microsoft fall into one of three categories: software-as-a-service provider; infrastructure-as-a-service provider (offering Web-based access to storage and computing power); and platform-as-a-service providers (giving developers tools to build and host Web applications). Although security remains the dominant concern of leaders not moving in the cloud trends, there are three reasons why major financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, security, and not-for-profit, and government institutions are investing in cloud computing to thwart declines in their bottom line.

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