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Let Go and Learn

Oftentimes people with the power to hire and fire (notice I did not say executives or leaders) believe they are entitled to determine the destiny of others whether good or bad. When someone wants to move on, let him chart the course to experience something new. Don't take it personal but learn the following from it.

1). If the work environment is about shifting blame, discouraging teamwork, lack of support for subordinates, and elevated arguments, get some coaching to help work through these issues.  After all, this runs rampant from top down.
2).  Employees must not feel there is an endless period of time before they are promoted. The steps to a promotion must be laid out to understand areas of improvement, weaknesses, and strengths. If there is no career path/growth, create some perks like telecommuting twice/week or early dismissal on Fridays.
3). Talented individuals are an advantage to any company. Respect their credentials and be smart enough to stay away from strong arm tactics that attempt to threaten their career potential.  If these tactics are deployed, expect the most qualified individuals to run for the hills.  After all, truly gifted workers that know their worth neither compromise nor take actions against their beliefs.

Real leaders foster the growth of others.  Evaluate the environment that you have created for those that work for you. If quality workers are leaving,  there is a problem that needs to be addressed and it might just be YOU.  In the meantime, do not stop others from fulfilling their destiny, it will definitely set the tone for more people wanting to leave.  Remember great leaders do great things not just in business and for business but for people. 

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