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Hiring 102

Now that the candidates have been screened based on credentials, expected salary, attitude, professionalism, and previous history, let's move forward to the final elimination process.  This will help determine the best candidates.

Appearance.  Surely the candidate will come dressed to impress for the interview.  However if the candidate has to work in a warm climate and takes his jacket off, will those tattoos all down his arm be presentable in a meeting.  The corporate gala may expose the big tattoo across her back and down her leg.  This has nothing to do with being from the old school.  It has to do with thinking long-term in terms of career path and the impression you give others upon first sight.

Social Media Presence.  We have gone through this before but check the candidate's LinkedIn,Facebook, and Twitter posts.  Revealing posts of skeptical behavior or unthinkable acts tell a story.  If a person constantly provides motivating thoughts, the social media presence is acceptable. If the person constantly has the "woe is me" attitude, that is a red flag to not consider the candidate.  If the person is always posting cuss words or unpolitically correct remarks, the person may be a risk for your department or business.

Career Path.  The person needs to have a 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year career path.  If a candidate is unsure of what he wants to do, this is a short term solution to a long term need.  When he determines what he wants to do, he will leave.

Now get to the elimination process and hire the best candidate to free up your time.

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