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Building Relationships - Trust

The more seasoned I become, the more I notice the unprofessionalism around me.  Business school does not teach the bare bones of business etiquette and building great working relationships. In fact, I believe some of the ground rules were taught in elementary school and definitely should have been instilled your parents during our early development years.
Let's take a quick flashback down memory lane and see how it applies to our professional careers.
1). No one likes a tattle tale.  When you are quick to report back on what others are doing incorrectly, you will become less trusted and information will not be shared with you. You will end up being the only person that does not get invited to coffee breaks at Starbucks or you will find yourself eating lunch alone all too often.
2). What is told in confidence should not be disclosed to others.  That goes for emails as well.  When you break people's trust, it is hard, if not impossible, to gain it back. Even places like Cancun and Las Vegas have the same code of ethics.
3). Do not throw stones or dirt in other's faces.  Judge no one because you are not perfect. Never smear another person's reputation. Even if you have facts and clear examples, leave names out of the hallway discussions.  If the person is incompetent or unreliable or unprofessional as you think he is, it will catch up and the truth will reveal itself.  Take care of you.
4). Stop, look, and listen. Be mindful of where you are having discussions about people.  You never know who is listening .  Even more importantly, you have no idea who knows who or worst who is related or in relationship with another.  People get burned all the time not knowing that women work in the same company as their husbands and keep their maiden name.
5). Keep the racial, political, religious, and stereotypical jokes out of conversations. People are easily offended these days and you do not want to be known as the HR nightmare. Protect people's feelings and your job as well.

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