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Business Etiquette Prerequisite

There is something in common between professional entrepreneurs, management, and daters.  They all desire a simple callback.  A simple polite gesture to indicate if plans are moving forward, have been postponed, or were interrupted due to an unexpected circumstance.

Healthy business partnerships or intimate relationships of any kind are not established or maintained through email or text messages.  Verbal, better yet face-to-face, communication is necessary to read body language, tone, and get an accurate understanding of what the person is feeling. 

If you are an executive or business owner, the world does not revolve around you no matter how great you tell yourself you are in the mirror each morning.  Eventually there will come a time when people stop dealing with the poor behavior.  If there are too many things on the plate and you are that disheveled, plan your daily agenda with callbacks to make sure you don't miss a business opportunity or important deadlines. 

As blogged all over the Internet by chronic daters, returning a phone call is really not that hard.

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