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Management 300 - Influence


Money, power, respect!  Some people strive for one of them, all of them, or spend time admiring those with them.  But the true success of having any of them is the ability to influence others.  

Great leaders influence others by example in the way they manage,  plan, think, and take action.  People pay attention to the way these people respond in crisis and conflict.  They usually are extremely laid back, calm,and collected. They do not get rattled because of a hallway conversation, remark in a meeting, or email tirade. 

In fact, influential leaders with money, power, and/or respect exhibit 3 key characteristics:
1). Patience.   They don't have knee jerk reactions to comments or complaints made by others.  They contemplate thoroughly about the cause,  effect and residuals before they make a move.   Analysis paralysis, no!  But they think about the message they will be sending before taking action.
2). Trust.  When others think about these influential  leaders, the words "honest, reliable, thoughtful, and loyal" come to mind. They have built trust and proven to others that they are trustworthy. They do not go back on their word.  They help others and enjoy it.  What you see is what you get, no changes based on who is around. 
3). Confidence.  Nothing shakes these people because they will exhibit a certain sense of peace when dealing with any issue. They are true believers in themselves and their capabilities to use their skills (hard or soft) to make a difference. These leaders do not allow others to think they can determine their fate.  They do not tear down others to build up themselves because they know what skills they have and are capable of acquiring. 

Observe people in management that are most influential and begin to mimic the aforementioned traits. After all, money influences decisions but the real power is the ability to influence others by example without the affordability of "buying" a choice. 

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