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Management 102 - Delegation

Promoted recently from being a stellar individual to manager?  Like to be a individual contributor rather than a team member?  You might have a problem with being a control freak. That is not a bad thing when you have to take matters in your own hand to resolve issues but it is not a good trait for a person in charge.  There has to be a balance between management, ownership, and delegation. 

Start by distributing work to subordinates bi-monthly.   Give clear deadlines and deliverables.   Do not interfere with the progress. Do not step in unless asked or it is almost too late to recover from a tardy deliverable.   This shows you believe in someone else's capabilities other than your own.  It also displays the vulnerability of depending on others that great leaders, not just managers, possess.

Remain high level and let others report status to you on a weekly basis. If there are issues, give guidance on how to resolve them.  Be the second point of contact only if escalation is required. Empower those that work for you to handle conflict without your assistance. 

Delegate and appreciate the hard work of others, especially those that work for you. It builds trust, respect and confidence - the most important non-tangibles of employment.

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