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Hiring 101

Well you have started your new business or you are in a leadership position to hire some fresh talent.  Clearly you want to make things easier for you so delegation is key.  However, there are some other items to look for before taking the candidate with the greatest academic success, experience, or credentials. 

Attitude.  The person must have a positive outlook on life, home, and career.  If there are negative remarks being made about past employers or managers or co-workers, this is a red flag regardless how true it is.  It is not okay for individuals to bash others during an interview process.

Professionalism.  Evaluate the poise and ability to represent you when you are not around.  It does not matter how great the person works if they can not speak, articulate, or write grammatically correct.  It is a poor excuse to not be fluent in English in the US of A.

Background Check.  With all the means to validate candidate's employment, criminal, drug, and credit history, it is important that these are done if sensitive data will be exposed.  This does not rule out unscrupulous behavior but any deterrent is better than no review at all.  This applies to contractors, construction workers, and anyone else you plan to hire to complete a job.   If there is not enough money in the budget to do a complete check, Google can sometime tell the story.  You do not want to hire someone for a top political job if there is a mugshot on the Internet of them being booked into a local jail.

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