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You Are Not Alone

There is so much information on the Internet, public library, division of corporations for each state, and books about the particulars on what is necessary to start a business.  The administration portion of owning a business can be killer if this is something that you don't master personally.  It will get away from you and drown you in unnecessary penalties and interest if you are not careful.  I recommend the following to augment your learning curve.

  1. Find a mentor.  It does not have to a person that owns his business in the same specialty.  Make sure it is someone successful that can teach you the lessons he learned along the way.  If you don't know of any, pick up Entrepreneur magazine and study these people's habits as your secret mentors.
  2. Attend workshops.  You will never know it all but there are plenty of workshops that can teach you enough so you are well-rounded.  If learning on your own via the Internet or a book is not your format, class scenarios and conventions are just as impactful.
  3. Internet classes.  Time may not afford the opportunity to take days off from the regular job or putting the pieces together to start the business.  There are plenty of classes on the Internet even video streaming that can teach you the basics. 
There are no excuses to believe you are alone in this quench for ownership.

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