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Mistle No-No

It is time for all the holiday parties - internally and with clients.  While the spirit of the holidays emerge and people are glistening with glee, the professional mindset must be in the forefront at all times.

Drink responsibly.  Never let the coffee break story be centered around your drunkenness or alcoholic stupor.  If you are not a social drinker, don't try it on the night of the holiday party.   Never drink and drive.  Hire a professional driver for the evening or hail a taxi.

Leave with no one.  Let there be no room for gossip because you left with the secretary or the security detail.  The same person that escorted you in should be escorting you out.  If you attended alone, leave alone.  If you are in need of company that bad, be smart enough to have the person meet at another location.

Talk sparingly.  This is not the time to tell your personal business.  Yes, people will always pry into your personal life because they claim they have an interest.  Truth is, they do not.  They just want to know how much you will reveal.  These are not your friends.  These are comrades that may use your personal information against you when they feel the necessity.

Stay away from the mistletoe and committing professional no-nos when there is too much to lose.

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