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Moving On the Right Way

Executives and upper management are usually successful and have endless opportunities because they know how to leave with dignity and class.  When a contract has ended either planned or prematurely, smart business people understand how to remain professional.  The networking circles of powerful people are too small to make a mistake in this area.  So what do they all know?

Silence is Golden.  There is no need to discuss what happened, predict the future, or provide insight to others.  There is also no need to reveal the next move, place of employment, or next contract or potential client.  Disappear gracefully.

Be Positive.  Always shine a light of positivity on the entire experience, individual contributors, and teamwork.  This confuses people because they believe it is supposed to be the end of the world.  They have no clue that people on this level rise again.

Leave The Door Open.  The people making the decision will not always be there.  What goes up must come down.  Keep cheerleaders in place routing for the next successful comeback.  The value is much higher if a return is inevitable.

Moving on is just moving out of the current situation.  When done right, the returns are higher.

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