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Suffer Fools Gladly

This is the last topic that I should be writing about because I do not do this well.  While I am still a work in progress, I hope this teaches me as well as others to have patience with those that do not know how to perform a task.  Now this has nothing to do with people that are getting on-the-job training or are fresh out of college or are driven and motivated to learn.  The issue at hand are the people that spout experience, getting paid for their expertise, but could not work their way out of a paper bag.

Here is what I was told we should do:

  1. Anticipate mediocrity.  If we expect less, we stress less.  Business owners and executives cannot expect the best from everyone because their best may be our worst.
  2. Share information wisely.  Learn to hold some information back to empower them to research and be accountable for their work.  Giving them all they need to do their job enables the poor performance.
  3. Backup your credentials.  Look in the mirror and promise yourself to never be like that.  Study and learn more to make sure you stay sharp.  Being around these types all day starts to diminish your intelligence.
Now I will read this weekly because there is always a reminder. 

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