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Time Out

In professional sports, there are timeouts called to study the next play, allow the players to get a rest, change the pace of the game, and mentally refresh to gain a new perspective on how to win.  This applies to leadership and entrepreneurship too.  Learn how to give yourself a timeout.

Do Nothing.  This is almost impossible for a person that believes every waking moment should be about accomplishing a goal.  Sometimes it is better to just think of absolutely the opposite of what drives you and be accountable for a day for nothing.  After all, when you work all the time, you can make it up.

Pamper Yourself.  A day at the spa or 18 holes of golf or poolside wait service can be just the remedy to refresh mentally.  Ladies, shopping sprees are normally in order.  No G4 rentals if you can't afford it though.  Be careful to not spend more than you earn or can return.

Reevaluate Direction.  Maybe it is time to think about where life is headed.  Are dreams being chased or erased?  Has a plateau been reached personally or professionally?  What are the most important things in life that have not manifested?  What has to be put in place to get past obstacles?

Timeouts are necessary to regroup, refresh, and recommit to winning.  Blow the whistle!

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