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To Err is Human, To Forgive Yourself is Divine

Oftentimes outsiders believe that achievers should be placed on a pedestal because they don't make mistakes.  Sometimes achievers place the burden on themselves that they cannot make a mistake because it can be too costly.  Neither thought process is valid.  Everyone is human and prone to err.

Mistakes are easily overcome if handled appropriately.

  1. Humility.  Remove arrogance from the picture.  Admit the mistake and move on.  Forgive yourself.  Do not dwell in it but ask for forgiveness, if necessary, and learn from it.
  2. Correction.  Do what it takes to correct the error without causing more problems.  Evaluate the issue and different alternatives to make it better.  Do not even consider an alternative that will end up in worse results.
  3. Prevention.  Identify what can be done to ensure the mistake will not be made again.  Put checkpoints in place to remove the possibilities of this happening.
Do not blame yourself for being human for this will not be the last mistake you make.  Live a little while longer! 

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