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Stressed Out or Burned Out

We all experience stressful days, weeks, or even months as we meet deadlines, deal with unqualified and unmotivated personnel, and carry the weight of owning a business or the success of a department.  However, there is a time when stress has maxed out and we are burned out professionally.  How do we know?

Short Fuse.  There may even be an ultimate "snap" at employees because frustration is overwhelming.  Today they are unqualified because they did not check their work or attend the correct meetings.  Maybe they were unqualified before but because there is a need for delegation to relieve your stress, it is more noticeable.

Mistake Un-Friendly.  An error that would normally be overlooked is blown out of proportion.  The deliveries are a day late and now it is professed to be a dollar short when this has happened many times before and alternate plans were put in place.

Stressful Deadlines.  Staying up all night is not as appeasing as before because the weeks of sleepless nights are becoming too commonplace.  Mountain Dew and energy drinks are constant crutches to get through work at night and meetings in the day.  The same deadlines are too stressful.

If two out of three of these scenarios are in play right now, take immediate action for a day off or a vacation.  Burn out causes much more serious health ramifications than stress.   Remember, your body is a temple and balance is key. 

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