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Business and the Social Media

It is now just as important to have a Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In account as it is to have a cell phone and an email address.  The times have changed where society has us believing it is important to stay connected and know everyone's business.  In our personal lives, this may be okay for the small circles we have.  However, being too social in the Internet media can hurt future business if caution is not taken.

Protect Your Personal Space.  Do not mix business with pleasure.  If you do business with someone, only connect through LinkedIn or other professional websites.  Personal is just that, personal!  It is none of their business what is done in your personal life because you excel in the business area.

Leave Problems At the Door.   Since Twitter, Foursquare, and mySpace are easily accessible over the Internet, be careful how you expose circumstances and personal dilemmas.  Employers, business partners, and potential clients watch these postings to determine level of mental stability, professionalism, and personal traits.  Take caution when posting out of emotion to the public profiles.

Think Before You Post and Friend.  If you know you are supposed to be in the office but you are having fun in the sun, don't post a picture or mention it on social media sites that are available to review by leadership or business contacts.  Remain prudent about exchanging information or associating with shady characters online.

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