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Negotiate and Appreciate

Situational negotiation takes practice for non-legal professionals.  However, negotiation is necessary to show appreciation for another's thoughts, deeds, or actions although there may be a slight disagreement.  Each situation is different but sometimes it may not be important to be accurate if it means losing a client, business partner, or well-qualified employee.

During negotiation, incorporate these three guidelines.

  1. Identify the good.  Point out the good in the other party's argument.  This shows that you are listening and not ignoring because you know that you are right.
  2. Be straightforward with problems.  Do not hide the truth about problems.  Sugar coating increases the number of untruths that have to be told to cover up the shortcomings.  More respect is given to those that are honest.
  3. Avoid pressure tactics.  Bullying individuals to make a decision is not only unprofessional but uncanny.  It leaves a strong impression there is something to hide or the decision, if made in favorable of the "bully", is for an uncovered motive that could ultimately harm the decision maker.
Food for thought?  Practice negotiating for the win-win scenarios.  There could be a lot more scenarios that can work to your advantage just because you practiced these three negotiation skills that involve showing appreciation. 

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