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Management 101 - How To Be a Great Leader

There are some basics to leadership regardless if you are an an entrepreneur with a staff or an executive.  This does not require an MBA.  It does, however, take common sense and a little extra push based on lessons learned from great mentors.  Just what would they advise for the new manager, employer, entrepreneur?

  • Positivity - It is important to share a positive outlook on all situations especially when others are watching.  Negative energy can be sensed and the wrong perception can cause subordinates to believe spouting complaints is acceptable.
  • Domain Protection - Do not let any group infiltrate your domain without permission and explanation.  Once others have insight into your group or become employed on your territory, the worth diminishes.
  • Promotion - Great leaders promote others, forgetting about superficial time limits.  They set out career paths and plans for subordinates to meet their goals.  They help them identify what is wrong when they are falling short of those career plans.  They help their workers rise to the occasion.
Practice the aforementioned homework and look forward to the quiz before graduating to the next class, Management 102.

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