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Time Is Of The Essence

One important gem that cannot be returned or rediscovered is time.  No matter what Fountain of Youth is visited or Hollywood surgery undergone, the fact still remains that time stands still for no one.  The easiest way to engage and pique interest in business leaders' minds is by maximizing each moment and minimizing downtime.

Here are the three most important traits of great leaders:

  1. Punctuality - If there is a meeting, these people are early because being on time is late.  If they are not on time, they are apologetic to those that were waiting.
  2. Solid Deadlines - They give time frames in which they expect work to be done.  They go to the end to make sure they meet others' deadlines.  If they will not meet a deadline, they provide advance notice.
  3. Tight personal circle - Great leaders do not allow many people in their circles because they do not have time to waste on negative energy, stagnant thinkers, dream thrashers, and "users and abusers".  It stifles their creativity.
Evaluate whether an unappreciative mindset of time is holding you back from the best possible deal of your life.  Try changing these traits for the next 30 days and watch the respect pour.

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