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Seconds to Impress or Repulse

Regardless of the industry or profession, it takes more than credentials to win over potentially new clients or business partners and executives.  It takes less time to turn them off as it does to impress them.  Once they are turned off, it is harder to overcome.

There are 3 components to maximizing the first seconds of any interaction, especially those business related.

  1. Image - Your style, appearance, and overall look determine how sincere you will be considered.  The nightclub look at work probably will not take you far up the corporate ladder.  The tattoos in extremely visible places on the body might not land you the business deal or in the prominent networking group with politicians and CEOs.  Consider an image consultant and/or stylist.
  2. Reputation - As humanly as possible, be careful to treat others well and help others along the way without harmful words and deeds.  We all have our shortcomings but the majority of your work and contributions to society should complement you.  This also includes the company you keep.  You cannot rise to the level or at least stay at your level if you are associating with people who are careless with their own reputation.
  3. Approach - We all have our days when we have been pushed to the limit but we must be able to handle conflict peacefully most of the time.  Conflict resolution must offer a win-win situation for both parties.  Proving your case sometimes means holding your tongue if the consequences of being right do not outweigh the results of being wrong.
It is in all of our best interest to get our image, reputation, and approach intact.  This will help us with business relationships, partnerships and personal relationships.  It will also help to eliminate relationships with people that cause you to fall short on any of the three areas.    Getting these three things in order can mean the difference between long-term relationships or short-lived dreams. 

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